Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A slip up, already?

So, I've got my plan: 2.5 miles for the next three days and workout with my trainer today at 5:45am. But, oh no, she's sick, the gym owner informs me as I begin my workout.

Quick evaluation while I'm on the treadmill - the options temptingly unfold before me:

1 - Leave and grab some hotcakes at 33rd Street Bistro. Yum, syrup.

2 - Go back to warm bed.

3 - Continue with workout on my own. Pain ensues.

Barely, just barely chose 3. Got three miles done, plus some strength training of my own devising, which included sit-ups, step-ups and this exercise they call mountain climbing but really is just me on all fours, my feet pumping on these little purple disks, looking for all the world like a cat on ice skates. A highly uncoordinated cat.

So, with zero grace, three miles: check.

Counter: 6.29 miles/240.

Oy vey.

1 comment:

  1. Good choice, Geri, although #1 sounds oh so yummy right now.

    P.S., I always run with zero grace ;)