Thursday, February 18, 2010

10.9 done: here's what's left of me.

OK, first week accomplished. Barely, sweatingly, tiredly accomplished.

Today I had 3.11 left of my 10.9 mileage needed for the week (I need to knock out 10.9 each week to make it to 240 miles before my 40th birthday) and I had my trainer today as well. So we did this punishment:

1 mile run to warm up.

Dips, push-ups, squats, then run .25 miles. Repeat three times.

1.61 miles to finish.

Wow. I am so out of shape. The kind of out of shape where my butt is finishing the run about 12 minutes behind the rest of me.

But I did it.

10.9 miles completed. 229.1 to go. Or a million, depending on your outlook.

But, when I came back home this morning, gym clothes stuck to me, I checked my email and found an old friend from college had written to say she is also turning 40 this year and IS GOING TO MATCH MY 240.

How cool is that?

So not only am I now running toward the milestone, instead of away from it, I'm running with someone. Granted, someone who lives thousands of miles away. But still, we're running together. And it feels great.

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  1. Jenny, my BFF from 7th grade, and I reconnected via Facebook about a year ago. We both live in East Sac, but beyond that we have very little in common (she's a single lawyer, and I am, well, you know). Strangely enough, we are leading parallel running lives. Separately, we each decided to begin the Couch to 5K program the exact same week, and now we are both training for half-marathons one month apart. My point is, I feel like I am also running with someone, and you are right, it does feel great :)